Services we provide for your benefit, maintaining or enhancing the value of your asset.

Notification of Repossession

You are notified immediately upon repossession of your asset. Should repossession occur when our office is closed, notification comes within 24 hours. We notify you of repossession in at least two of the following manners: email, fax, phone, or internet portal.

Condition Report

General asset condition is recorded and forwarded to you immediately subsequent to recovery. All data is retained for compliance purposes.

Inventory Itemization & Storage

Upon recovery and wherever possible property having obvious residual or personal value is itemized and removed from the asset.

Asset Storage

All assets are stored at secure impound facilities covered by our garagekeepers policy.


We have equipment on-site giving us the ability to manufacture keys for all vehicles with the exception of laser cut and other extremely high secured vehicles. Services are available at a modest charge. Vehicle entry is generally required in order to properly handle itemization of personal property as well as the safe transportation of repossessed assets.

Asset Redemption Services

Upon receipt of authorization from you we will arrange to release the asset to your customer. Redemptions are handled by appointment only. Under certain circumstances we will arrange to deliver the repossessed asset to the customer's location.

Property Return Services

Property is maintained for the benefit of your customer for 30 days and made available to them for a modest charge upon request.


Transports routinely occur Monday through Friday by appointment.

Asset Remarketing Services

You can choose to have your repossession remarketed by our affiliate Northern Equipment Remarketing. You will have a presale analyses is completed including market study, photos and a comprehensive inspection report. Services of NER are available upon request.

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